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    Life of William Carey

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    I need information on the legacy and contributions of William Carey. I am writing a paper and I don't have enough information for that section. I know that he translated the Bible into other languages, but I don't have specific information concerning his legacy and contributions. I have to include at least 2 paragraphs of information from scholarly sources that I can cite.

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    William Carey (17 August 1761 - 9 June 1834) was born in the small town of Paulerspury, England to a family of weavers, meaning that he was born into the working class and struggled financially for most of his life. He was apprenticed to a shoemaker, Thomas Old, at 14. He displayed early intellectual aptitude, and taught himself Latin, read widely as a child, and learned Greek as a teenager. He was brought up in the Church of England but under the influence of a fellow apprentice John Warr gradually became a Dissenter, a term meaning someone who dissented from the established Church of England (another term used for Dissenters was "nonconformists"). Carey married Dorothy Plackett in 1781, and they had seven children. When Olds, his master, died, he inherited the shoemaking business but continued to study languages and the Bible in his spare time.

    Carey gradually became involved with a local Baptist association ...

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    This solution provides information about William Carey, a late eighteenth-/early nineteenth-century Baptist minister who spent much of his life as a missionary in India.