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    bilateral valid contract, legal consideration

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    On October 1st, Mariah Carey, a world renowned entertainer, entered into a valid bilateral contract with Quality Productions Ltd. To perform a concert in Windsor on December 15th.

    On October 15th , Quality signed a contract to rent the Centennial Hall from its owners, Business Buildings Ltd. For the evening of December 15th.Business Bldg. was advised of the purpose for which Quality was renting the Hall and Quality paid Business Bldg. a deposit of $5,000.

    Quality had tickets printed, advertised the concert, hired a band,and paid Mariah Carey a $7,500 advance. Expenses by December 10th totaled $12,500 excluding the advance to Mariah Carey.

    a/ If on December 10th, the Centennial Hall burned to the ground through no fault of Business Bldg., would Quality be able to sue Business Bldg. for its losses and if so, what would Qaulity likely recover? List and explain the legal concepts AND defenses the parties may rely upon. There is legal consideration.

    b/ If on December 10th, the above (a) did not happen, but Mariah Carey died. Could Quality successfully sue Mariah Carey's estate for damages and if so, what would Quality likely recover? What legal principles and defenses would be available to the parties involved?

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    ? There is bilateral, valid contract, with legal consideration that was signed between Mariah Carey and Quality Productions Ltd. The contract was to perform a concert in Windsor on December 15th.

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    ? Again, there is a bilateral, valid contract with legal consideration formed on October 15th between Quality and Business Buildings for the rent on Centennial Hall from its owner. The contract clearly mentioned that the hall was being rented for the performance of Mariah Carey. For this purpose a deposit of $5,000 was paid to Business Buildings. There was no ambiguity about the purpose of the hire and Business Buildings were advised of the express purpose of the hire.

    STEP 3

    ? If on December 10th that is 5 days before the performance of Mariah, Centennial Hall burned to the ground because of no fault of Business Buildings. This makes the performance of the obligation of Business Buildings impossible. The contract cannot be enforced. From the point of view of ...

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