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    Western scientific paradigm

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    Read the following article, and, after doing so, write a three-page paper summarizing and critiquing the Western scientific paradigm.

    1. What is the Western scientific paradigm, and what are its implications for health care in the U.S.?

    2. What are some the problems associated with applying this paradigm in a culturally diverse society, such as the U.S.?

    3. What alternatives to the Western paradigm have been proposed, and how might these be applied to a specific cultural group?

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    As noted in the EMBO report, Mazzocchi makes the point that there are many pockets of population around the world following traditions and practices passed on orally for many generations. The paradigm includes communities in the United States. Modern traditional medicine neither follows the framework for health and healing nor entirely negates it. Science, in the modern fashion, is factual and unemotional. It rarely includes culture or spirituality. Contrarily, customs, ceremonies and traditions that have been used for centuries may have effectiveness but it lacks the rigid and linear style that traditional medicine has. Its sophistication and devices bring medical problems into focus and follow a known protocol, with the "new way. Where Western science has merged into Native communities, more treatment options are possible. Because of the blending between the styles more people are willing to be open to prevention and treatment than simply watching people steer away from what is comfortable and familiar, in a traditional sense. Forcing native people to enter solely into a modern facility would provoke a lot of distraction from curing illness.

    As the author writes about, "the symbiotic character of humans and nature," the notion fails to weave well together with modern medicine. Everything has a cost benefit analysis, whether it evolves around ...

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    The expert determines what Western scientific paradigm is. The implications for health care in the United States is given.