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Lead poisoning in candy

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The Federal Government as well as many state and local governments test food items like candy for toxins regularly. The problem is how to restrict imports. The border with Mexico is very porous. Just about anything from any country can be brought into the U.S. legally through Mexico. Groups have tried without success to stop the selling of candies we know have lead, but there is no power to force stores to take them off of the shelves.

Some of the candy in question is prepared in earthen pots that contain lead. If this is the case, then the lead contamination would not only be in the candy but in other Mexican imported food.See the following FDA website that looks at the manufacturers, importers, and distributors of the candy. www.cfsan.fda.gov/~dms/pbltr.html Most people think of lead poisoning as coming from paint -- this is true, however with the increased trade and visits of folks to Mexico there is now a new danger. Lead poisoning is serious business. Can you think of a way to alert travelers - so they view the candy like the --'don't drink water' mentality??

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The expert examines lead poisoning in candy. Earthen pots that contain lead is prepared.

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Lead in Candy

Lead in Candy

A recent issue that has generated a good deal of controversy is contaminants in children's candy. In April 2004, Orange County Register conducted an investigation and published a six-part story about lead in candy, imported mostly from Mexico. The story and news reports since the initial story are available on the newspaper's Web site: www.ocregister.com/investigations/2004/lead/index.php.

You will cover one of the following aspects of the story:

Introduction: presentation and summary of the issue
How lead gets into candies
The allowable levels of lead
The effects of lead on children's health and in adults, especially during pregnancy
Treatment for lead poisoning
Regulations on lead in Mexico and their enforcement
Regulations on lead in the United States and their enforcement
Create a PowerPoint Presentation of no more than 10 slides that gives an overview of the aspect of this story assigned to you or write an essay presenting this topic to the rest of the institute.

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