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Lead Contamination in Candy

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A recent issue that has generated a good deal of controversy is contaminants in children's candy. In April 2004, Orange County Register conducted an investigation and published a six-part story about lead in candy, imported mostly from Mexico.

Information regarding the investigation is available on the newspaper's Web site: http://www.ocregister.com/news/lead-200626-candy-candies.html.

How does lead get into candies?

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To summarize how lead can get into candies, I have amended information from two articles as well as the article that was provided in your post. All information is listed below:

"Contaminated ingredients include chili powder and certain types of salt. Ink on packaging and glazed ceramic vessels also can contain lead, FDA officials said."


"Lead has been found in some consumer candies ...

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A specific case of lead contamination in Mexico. Possible means of toxic lead contamination are discussed.

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