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Respiratory Illness Case Study for Health Science Students

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A child is suffering from high fever of 104 degrees F, cough, and breathing difficulty. The doctor performed a streptococcus test of the throat that was negative. A blood test was done and a chest x-ray was taken. Auscultation revealed crepitations with minimal rhonchi.

Is the child suffering from asthma, tuberculosis, or pneumonia? How can you diagnose these three diseases?

If the blood test determined neutrophilia and the x-ray revealed numerous opacities at the bases of the lungs, what would be the diagnosis?

What are some possible treatments for the child?

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This solution, comprised of over 300 words, provides responses to questions specific to the case study of respiratory illness in a child. Included are diagnostic methods, possible treatment options, and a general reference for further reading.

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Based on the symptoms that the child is presenting, I feel that pneumonia is most likely the underlying cause. The reason that I believe it to be pneumonia is that a high fever, shortness of breath, and cough are all characteristic symptoms of pneumonia. It is expected that there will be rhonci as the airways will be obstructed with fluid. The link below outlines the other symptoms of pneumonia if you are interested.


In order to ...

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