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Quality of Healthcare from Difference Perspectives

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Quality of care has always been a concern in the U.S. health care system. Although great strides have been made to improve the quality of care delivered, many critics still believe that the United States has a long way to go before truly delivering uniform quality care.

Define quality of care from the provider and patient perspectives?
Why can quality can be viewed as a strength and a weakness of the U.S. health care system?
Provide at least 2 reasons for this, and provide specific examples.
Identify several difficulties and several benefits of working with licensed independent practitioners to improve quality in a typical hospital. What considerations should managers keep in mind when working with them?

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The solution discusses the quality of healthcare from different perspectives.

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Quality of health care can be analyzed using a variety of measures. Different stakeholders

Groups, such as patients (health care consumers), providers, administrators, and insurers may

Embrace very different sets of criteria for determining the quality of care. For a patient, the speed

and efficiency of diagnosis or getting in to see a care provider is one measure of quality care.

Effectiveness of medical interventions and application of health knowledge are additional measures

of quality care. With an increasingly diverse population, cultural sensitivity and the consideration

for different approaches to treatment and achieving health can be additional measures of health

care quality.

In the U.S., health care belongs to the free market just as other industries. Patients are

Therefore, considers health care consumers. As consumers, patients are demanding increased

transparency in health care, in prices and the financial health of provider organizations, as they are

expecting increased transparency in other types of business (Gamble & Herman, 2013). Often

health care consumers want to know what the various services cost up front, particularly when they

must pay out of pocket, must meet annual deductibles, or must pay the difference in what insurance

does not cover. They are requesting price lists for common services from primary physicians and

price lists for diagnostic and other hospital services, from hospitals and long term care facilities.

While patients measure quality of care by ...

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