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Operative Goals

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Operative Goals
1. Where do you think that operative goals tend to come from? Who generate them?
2. Given the interest of their sources, do you think that operative goals tend to serve the organization's long term interest? (1 page paper, Include references)

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The operative goals which tend to come from are determined.

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Operative goals usually and mainly arise and are generated from internal negotiations among groups and affiliates who want to make sure their interests are represented (Daft, 2010). They are usually set in organizations by creating coalitions of non-competing groups, where there is usually constant bargaining among organizational leaders to determine the right direction for the organization (Ryerson, 2013). Typically, organizational groups with greater power will have more control over the direction of the organization, which of course is usually not always in the best interests of the organization. One can determine organizations true goals not by reading its charter but by examining its resource allocation process (Daft, 2010). Operative goals then reflect the organization's intentions, and also describe the concrete steps the organization intends to take so as to achieve its purpose (Ryerson, 2013).

An example can be seen in instances where many organizations will mention they are 'green' ...

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