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Nutrition Basics

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Address the following in one or two sentences:

1- Tell if you think that fast food/eating on the run has supersized our waistlines.  WHY or WHY NOT?   
2- What can we do to help ourselves? What are some tips we can use?
3- Define what a nutrient is.
5- Why are nutrients important in your life?
6- Select 2 of the 6 nutrient categories (i.e. vitamins, carbohydrates, etc..) and discuss their importance/roles in the body.
7- CALCULATE THE TOTAL CALORIES/PERCENTAGE OF TOTAL CALORIES IN THE FOLLOWING MEAL: your response should include calories for each nutrient, a total number of calories and a percentage from calories for each of the 3 nutrients.
8- WEB ARTICLE: Select an article/news report from a credible source pertaining to a nutrient. INCLUDE THE LINK AND A BRIEF SUMMARY OF IT.

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What are nutrients and their essential role in our daily lives. Nutrients provide many benefits and many functions in the human body. They are crucial for human survival and prevention of illnesses.

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1) Eating fast food/eating on the run has supersized our waistline because foods that are convenient for us are not always the healthiest choices. They offer foods that are low in nutrient density, just empty calories, and in very large portions.
2) When eating on the run, we can help ourselves by packing snacks and meals such as fresh or dried fruit, fruit juices, raw fresh vegetables, whole wheat fig bars. Ask for items to be prepared without mayonnaise, sour cream or other high-fat sauces. Choose chicken items made from chicken breast, not processed chicken.
3) A nutrient is a substance the body must get from food because it cannot manufacture them at all or fast enough to meet its needs. These nutrients are proteins, ...

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