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    Ingredient Functions in Cake

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    Ingredients are functional aspects for the quality of bread (texture, structure ,color, volume, flavor, shape). What are the ingredient functions (control, low-gluten, flour type, sugar function, fat function, salt function) of a standard cake?

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    Flour provides the structure in baked goods. Flour made from wheat contains proteins that interact when mixed with water and form gluten. Gluten provides the elastic framework that expands and stretches to give structure to baked goods as the dough rises during the leavening process. The protein content of flour will therefore affect the overall strength of the dough. Different types of wheat flour contain varying amounts of these gluten forming proteins. Hard wheat, which is of used in bread making, is mainly grown in the American Midwest and has high protein content. The high protein content gives breads a strong gluten framework, but in cakes, quick breads and pastries, the high protein flour would yield a tough product. Soft wheat, which is used more often in ...

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    The solution provides a general overview of the key ingredients and their function in production a standard baked goods such as cakes.