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Reduction of labor force in nursing

You have just been mandated to reduce your department's labor force by eight percent.

What steps are you taking to identify whom to lay-off?

What are the staff roles, regulatory requirements regarding certain staffing patterns, the roles of assistive personnel, cross training, and anything else you think would help in arriving at a viable solution? (in nursing leadership and management)

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A few steps needs to considered in determining whom to lay-off are-

- Identify the departments most affected.
- Lay-offs must not affect a particular department. The lay-offs must be well organized, not disturbing the the nurse-patient ratio adversely. Nowadays, the nurse patient ration is generally 1:3 or 1:4. It must not be too high affecting the patient care.
- The Hospital/ care center needs to determine the cost ...

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A reduction in force (RIF) is painful not only for affected employees but also for employers who must implement one. If not handled correctly, a RIF may result in even more headaches (and liability) for the employer.