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Ineffective Policies

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Discuss an ineffective healthcare policy that a nurse might experience in their practice and what issues that you feel made it unsuccessful. Using incrementalism as the policy making model, describe how you would work to make it a more effective policy. Please have an in-text citation in that is less than five year old and in APA format.
(Incrementalism, or the pilot method, is called for when policy making needs to be approached in pieces or steps. Breaking a situation down into smaller bits makes it much easier to approach and apply, and the pilot method may be the best initial approach).

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Incrementalism allows for change in small steps as the need arises. This means policy is

adjusted as through negotiation and not all at one time. It often involves trial and error. .
Incrementalism does not have a positive name in policy making and is also known as "disjointed
incrementalism" which alludes to the inability to focus and provide a clear path to goals
(http://profwork.org/pp/formulate/inc.html) (http://www.scribd.com/doc/6505727/Public-Policy-
This approach can be haphazard or can be used to the nurse's advantage. Anytime a
practice may have an impact on one or more units in a healthcare institution, the trial or pilot
method is advisable. Often the incremental method for policy change may be necessary before
making a large scale change that would have far reaching effects on others in the nursing units
and other departments related to the unit. To make this ...

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A discussion on how to take a negative concept such as incrementalism in policy-making and produce positive results as a nurse.

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