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Psychometric Properties of a Measure

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Discuss how reliability and validity (psychometric properties) of a measure are determined. Please also describe how you will determine these psychometric properties for a tool you are creating for your proposal; if you are using a validated tool, describe the properties of the tool.
The tool I'm using is congestive heart failure and hospital readmission with discharge planning.
I am creating a best practice tool for hospitals to educate patients and themselves, in order to prevent re-hospitalization.

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This solution includes a detailed analysis of the given project parameters and includes a sample proposal for the given project.

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The attached response is by no means intended as a homework or assignment completion. It provides an example of the layout and discussion required, based on the case presented above. Includes nursing journal reference.

Reliability is the measure of consistency in research outcomes within given parameters. Validity refers to how well an applied variable measures what it is intended to measure. Both measures are designed to be utilized in determining whether a research project is headed in the right direction in serving its purpose. The intended purpose of the research study of interest is to determine whether some practices in discharge planning, within a hospital clinical situation, can be effective in preventing re-hospitalization of patients initially diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure (CHF). Nosbuch, Weiss, & Bobay (2011) identify a need for discharge process redesign, to overcome barriers many nurses face in providing more intensive discharge planning services, such as patient education on self care and ...

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