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Diabetes Statistics and Preventative Medicine

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Based on the following statement, please answer the question below:
"To the latter method of changing the statistic of very high number of pre-diabetic individuals, preventative medicine now strongly suggests lifestyle changes as the single most effective long-term strategy at mitigating long-term diseases from precipitating"

My question is:
That is always a go-to answer when we are discussing health issues, lifestyle changes, eating, and exercise. But aren't there more important factors to deal with first? How about education? What about behavioural patterns? What is the reality of implementing long-term strategies?

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I'm going to give you some more background knowledge so then you can better approach to what sounds to me like an assignment.

It's less of a which comes first type of scenario and more of a simultaneous approach. Lifestyle changes (including proper diet and exercise) are important as I've stated, but education and identifying negative behavioural patterns all fall under the umbrella term and category of preventative medicine. What I had originally written was only a short, very brief list of some things that fall under that category. As a result, you're correct in saying that education and behavioural patterns are ...

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Diabetes statistics and preventative medicine is examined.

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