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    Intentional Torts

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    Explain six intentional torts that might be encountered in a health care facility and provide an example of each.

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    Unintentional torts are more common in medical practice than intentional torts. This is because intentional torts require that there is intent to violate the person's rights; that is, an intent to injured the person, to touch, restraint or contact the person without authorization, or to intrude in the persons privacy including damaging his/her reputation (Lexis, 2004). Nevertheless there are some situations in health care that can be liable under the intentional torts. These are some examples of liable situations in a general teaching hospital.

    1) A Muslim woman in labor is taken to the hospital. While waiting for her regular doctor to come in, the nurses assure her husband that only women will be by her side during labor. On the moment that her husband steps out, a male doctor, on call for the woman's regular doctor, enters the room and starts checking the patient while she screams calling her husband.
    Although the doctor meant no harm to the patient, he can be charged with battery for unauthorized and offensive physical contact because a Muslim woman cannot be seen or examined by a male ...

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    The solution involves an in-depth discussion of situations in a general hospital that can be interpreted as intentional torts and be litigated under the law. It explains why each situation fits the parameters established by the law and the distinction between unintentional and intentional tort.