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    Ideas on how to write a paper on Ineffective Leadership

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    I need to write an essay regarding Ineffective Leadership (APA double space format). Can you give me some guidance on what to include in the body of my essay. How can I make the topic specific yet I will still be able to convey the thought of ineffective leadership? Other than ineffective communication, what other aspects of leadership shall I include? Can you give me your input. Also what do I need to include in my Intro to have a nice flow of thought that I can expand to the body of the essay. Thank you
    If you have some peer-reviewed articles regarding this topic, please share and attach. Again thanks

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    First, I want to share with you the best advice I've ever gotten from one of my professors. He said; don't worry about the introduction until you have written the body of the paper. The info in the body will lay a foundation for your introduction. To this day, I still use the advice. I use to hate writing because I would get stuck on the intro and get frustrated. It is ...

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    The solution provides ideas and insight on what topics to discuss in the paper. A format is also included.