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    Outpatient APC Reimbursement

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    The "Outpatient APC" reimbursement changes quarterly and some end up being packaged to the associated main procedure that are not paid separately anymore. For example, how will the changes mess up your revenue budgeting or forecasting and why?

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    The "Outpatient APC" reimbursement payment is based on the outpatient formula of accuracy + reliability + supportive = revenue integrity. The accuracy relies on HCPCS selection and charge capture comprehensiveness. The reliability is data transmission through systems to produce "clean" claims. The supportive is sufficient and complete medical record documentation. The Value X is price facility puts onto the formula of education, technology, expertise, and audits.

    Accuracy accurately assigns codes for all ...

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    This solution explores how the APC system is composed of a cluster of services provided by outpatient procedure and additional information on how revenue budgeting and forecasting is altered due to the APC system. The expert examines the changes mess up for a revenue budgeting or forecasting.