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Health Policy Leadership Importance

Explain why leadership or the absence of leadership is so important in health policy making. Provide a detailed example of the positive or negative impact of leadership or the absence of effective leadership on health policymaking.

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Health policy making - like all health work - is a team effort. Many different types of professionals are or may be involved, medical doctors, dentists, pharmacists, public health experts, physiotherapists, nurses etc. in the health professions - in a broader sense maybe even veterinarians, like now in the bird flu scare - but also other professions may be involved like lawyers, economists and accountants and - not to forget it - politicians. To keep such a wide variety of professions together and to reach a common goal is a task of great proportions, so this is indeed a matter of leadership. With good leadership great things can be accomplished, without it all will end up in a mess. If we go back to Europe during the times of the great plague (1348-1351) we can see examples of both. ...

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Health policy leadership importance is discussed.