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    Receiving health care services and access challenges

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    Identify two sites for delivery of health care services today? With so many places to receive care, how could there be a problem with access? Identify key points?

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    It still boils down to 'haves and have nots.' Thoses with jobs, have transportation and usually health benefits with their jobs. The span of options like 'doc in a box' emergency health care and general services on the corner of the block, service offerings at malls and shopping centers, along with the ...

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    Low income or employeed person without health benefits lack what is necessary to receive health care. The ability to read map, in order to get to services; lack reliable transportation, and reduced service availability in these regions makes it difficult, too.

    The times services are available may not be congruent with the times that the services are needed MOST (like week ends and after school).