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    Program Evaluation in Healthcare

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    What kinds of problems can lead to a program having a poor evaluation?

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    Interesting question! Let's take a closer look. I also attached two excellent resources on program evaluation for further research.


    1. What kinds of problems can lead to a program having a poor evaluation?

    Not understanding the necessary steps to effective program evaluation is one pitfall that results in poor evaluation. Or, some program development underestimate the importance of evaluation, or thing it is one time thing, or others think it just a waste of time and money. Choosing the wrong outcomes could lead to poor evaluation as well, or using outcome evaluations when process evaluations might be what is really needed.

    Other pitfalls that could lead to poor evaluation, and one should therefore avoid are:

    1. Don't balk at evaluation because it seems far too "scientific." It's not. Usually the first 20% of effort will generate the first 80% of the plan, and this is far better than nothing.
    2. There is no "perfect" evaluation design. Don't worry about the plan being perfect. It's far more important to do something, than to wait until every last detail has been tested.
    3. Work hard ...

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    This solution discusses barriers to effective program evaluation, e.g. pitfalls and myths. Supplemented with two resources on a basic guide to outcome evaluation and evaluation activities in organizations.