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Health Care Management - Government and Private Insurance

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Government and Private Insurance

Identify and discuss the various types of private and/or social insurance available in and through your state and local government. Relate the application of social insurance to consumers based on their social and economic status using the profiles listed below. For which demographic(s) do gaps exist in your area? You can use the Internet and sites such as www.cms.gov for statistical data by state to locate this information. Do you feel it's the government's role to provide health insurance for these individuals? Why? Support your answers with research and reasoning.

A child of parents who do not have private health insurance
An elderly WWII veteran with diabetes
A bank teller who has just been laid off
A homeless individual
A college student who has just graduated without a guaranteed employment

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Government and private insurance is examined for health care management.

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Government and Private Insurance:

There are various types of private and/or social insurance available in the United States through the local government such as Medicare and Medicaid. They are used to provide protection against the rising costs of medical services while covering cases of disability, custodial care needs and long term nursing (Birnbau, & Patchias, 2010). Offering insurance coverage has proven to be beneficial as one has no idea when they may be involved in situation such as an accident or contact an illness ...

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