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    Objective Format Rewritten

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    Please rewrite the attached information into objective format (without emotions or feelings), without words that are "dramatic" or "derogatory". Make sure it is no more than 6-8 sentences.


    The following situation occurred at a Hospital that you are working at. This patient went into the ER in the morning, complaining of back pain and blood in her urine. She stated that while she was in the ER that she has this happen to her a lot and she ran out of medication for the pain. She said she "suffers from kidney stones, which is why [she] takes the medication." ...

    (Please see attachment for complete scenario)

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    A female patient complaining of recurring back pain and urine in her blood entered the ER room in the morning. She mentioned that she had kidney stones and needed medication for the pain. I took her for an IVP on a wheel chair and while I moved her, I noticed IV ...

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