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Health Care Accreditations

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Health care has a plethora of accrediting agencies and programs. Some are mandated by the state in which they operate (State Licensure) and some are voluntary like Joint Commission, Malcolm Baldridge, and others.

Medical management committees are convened for nearly all large health care systems/organizations who determine which "optional" accreditation's are worthy to pursue. Discuss the considerations that such a committee would likely discuss based on your readings and/or actual experiences in their decision-making process.

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The healthcare organization's decision to seek accreditation with various agencies will depend largely on how such accreditation will benefit the organization. Some forms of accreditation, such as JCAHO are intended to imply that hospitals are able to meet a specific level of quality in the care they provide. Other forms of recognition, such as Malcolm Baldridge, indicate the organization have developed a model organizational management system, in order to achieve continually improving services. Both forms of recognition may benefit a large health care organization like a hospital or
hospital system.

The decision on which accreditations to pursue will depend on how the ...

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