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The Future of Medical Research


Watch the introductory video, and read information from this website.

Part 1: Brainstorm your own ideas for making health care research more effective and more expedient, resulting in faster cures for existing and emerging diseases. There is obviously no particular right or wrong answer here. We are just looking for your best creative ideas.

Part 2: What do you think of this "game-based" way of generating ideas for improving an important process? Do you see this as an effective way of getting the best ideas presented and discussed among the "players"? Why, or why not?

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What I can say is that there are certain things which need to be tackled in order to speed up research. There has to be a steady source of new minds and new eyes that bring different perspectives into an area of research. Most of us have been in our respective specialities so long, we don't really know how to think outside the boxes our specialities have trained us to think inside of any more. Therein also lies a problem: issues in research, such as tackling particular diseases, are becoming increasingly intense work. Often, effective and efficient solutions lie well outside the usual specialities principal researchers are trained in. For example, computer modelling algorithms of ...

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The solution discusses the future of medical research.