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    Workplace Injury, Ergonomics, and Safety.

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    1) From your own experience or through research, select a job that has a high risk for causing workplace musculoskeletal disorders (WMSDs). Discuss how you could use design principles to reduce the risk of injury for this job. What obstacles might prevent your proposed job design from being implemented?

    5) Your purchasing department does not want to buy adjustable height work stations for the shipping department, stating that they cost twice as much as nonadjustable ones and that they are not required in the OSHA standards. Provide a risk-based argument as to why the adjustable workstations would be the better choice.

    9)Your organization, a company that manufactures automobile brake pads, is about to introduce lean concepts into its operations in order to be more competitive with foreign manufacturers. The lean project manager does not understand why you, the safety manager, want to be a part of the process. Provide a convincing argument about what you can contribute if you are included.

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    1. A job that has a high risk of causing the workplace musculoskeletal disorders, is the job of professional mover. This job has a high risk of causing workplace musculoskeletal disorders, due to the fact that these individuals are engaged in moving a variety of different furniture items throughout the day. In addition, these individuals must move these items under very difficult circumstances including taking very heavy items such as pianos up and down winding staircases etc.

    I would design principles to reduce the risk of injury for this job, by including a detailed training program in which all employees were informed of the dangers of improperly handling heavy objects, and the detrimental effect that the improper handling of these objects would have on their musculoskeletal systems. I would make it mandatory that all employees utilized back braces, as well as utilizing the support braces, in order to support their musculoskeletal systems while they worked. I would also make it a requirement that objects weighing over 80 pounds would be lifted and moved by a minimum of two employees. One obstacle that ...