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Electronic medical records.

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How can implementation of an EMR improve patient care ?

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By discussion and example, this solution examines how implementation of an EMR can improve patient care

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1. How can implementation of an EMR improve patient care?

Electronic Medical Records improve patients care by helping to close the help ""gap""between best practices and actual practices. There are two perspectives:

-Individual patient interactions-how can an EMR improve the care of a patient sitting right in front of me?
-Aggregate care of a community-how can an EMR improve the care of a large population of patients?

However, both are important to improving patient care, and in fact, the "Micro and macro" views are mutually reinforcing. EMR plays an essential role in improving individual patient care by -

?Formatted note templates that display patient specific problem lists, allergies, and recent lab data

?Time savings/elimination of redundant care through
-order ...

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