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Influenza Pandemic: Research

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Refer to your course content for a definition of "pandemic." Answer the following questions:

• Identify if the organism, at that time in history, was new or an old organism resurfacing?
• What criterion was used to identify it as a pandemic?
• What was done to stop it?
• Who organized the effort to control/stop it?
• Did those attempts to control/stop it work? Why or why not?
• Could this organism resurface in the next 50 years?
• What is the current status?

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A pandemic is a far reaching, widespread disease that has affected large regions, continents or populations. The disease must also be infectious. For example, cancer has caused millions of deaths, but because it is not infectious, cannot be classified as a pandemic. Examples of pandemics throughout history include HIV, small pox, and malaria just to name a few. Influenza was first identified in 412 B.C., and was thought to be new at the time. The first pandemic occurred in 1580. It can be classified as a pandemic because it began in Asia, but rapidly spread to many other populations and killed an undetermined but significant percentage of the population. In the past 3 centuries there has been at least 10 more influenza pandemics. During the 20th century there were 3 influenza pandemics: 1918-1920, 1957-1958, and 1968-1969. During the first pandemic of the 20th century, more than 25% of the United States population and claimed the ...

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This describes the influenza pandemics of the 20th century.

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