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    Communications: Public Safety & Wind Storms

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    Hurricanes and tornadoes have a significant impact on both Public Safety Radio systems (Police, Fire, EMS, etc) and Cellular Communications. What can be done to ensure communications do not fail following a severe wind event? I need cited sources and references.

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    To ensure communications do not fail following a severe wind event it is important to establish plans. It is critical to identify key areas that are important to public safety (Police, Fire, EMS) and make sure backup power capacity is in place in the form of batteries and stand-by generators. In addition, a central work center or headquarters can be established for public safety service providers in order to foster communication from one place, rather than be divided geographically. Mobile radios can be installed, with all public safety services ensuring that the radios are compatible, and protocols can be developed to assign shared channels. In areas where severe storms are more prevalent, satellite radios may be ...

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    This detailed solution discusses what can be done to ensure public safety service communications do not fail in the event of a severe wind event. Includes APA formatted references.