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    Earth Science

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    Explain the following:
    - The Green House Effect
    - Hurricanes
    - Tornadoes
    - Typhoons

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    The Greenhouse Effect:
    As energy, in the from of sunlight, passes through our atmosphere it can get refracted, scattered, and absorbed. Some of that shortwave energy gets absorbed by the earth's surface and then gets re-emitted, trying to escape the earth's atmosphere. However, greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides, methane, and sulphur oxides, are present in the atmosphere. These gases have the ability to absorb some of that energy and in some cases refract it back to the earth. Thus, the more greenhouse gases present in the atmosphere, the more energy get reflected back to earth. This energy that is reflected back then greatly warms the earth. In fact, without the current amount of greenhouse gases we have present in the atmosphere, our earth would be 30 degrees Celsius cooler than its current temperature.

    Hurricanes are violent tropical storms. The tropics are characterized as ...

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