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    Contradictions and the Bible

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    Many Christians seem to accept modern cosmology - Galileo's view that the earth is not the center of the Universe - while at the same time disagreeing with the theory of evolution.

    For this discussion, we will focus on the following questions (in 500 words total):

    1. Why do Christians feel they cannot accept the theory of evolution?
    2. How is it possible for Christians to accept heliocentrism, but largely dismiss the theory of evolution?
    3. What is the relationship more generally between the Bible and science, between faith and reason?
    Points are awarded based on the quality and persuasiveness of the answers provided

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    (1) Why do Christians feel they cannot accept the theory of evolution?

    (a) Christians feel that they cannot accept science, or theories of evolution such as the Big Bang theory, because most Christians believe unequivocally that the world was created by God. Thus all that is created in the heavens and earth are created and controlled by God. Confirming these personal beliefs, researchers have focused on this debate highlighting views that suggest that the rejection of evolutionary theories began with the Catholic Church.

    (b) Based on these views, the Catholic Church took its position from Christian church doctrine that had been solidified from Roman Catholic Teachings. While they believed in an earth-centered (geocentric) philosophy; they rejected the heliocentric position that was set forth following the Renaissance and classical teachings—that everything could be proven and observed through science (the church and Copernicus). For instance, the Greek philosophers, Aristotle and Plato had argued for a heliocentric model, a position that was later taken up by the astronomer, Copernicus in his ...

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    This solution of 696 words discusses whether there is a contradiction between belief in the Bible and belief in heliocentrism. All references used are included.