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Composite Measures for Health

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Please provide assistance in with a 'Position Paper' on Mexico.

Based on the review of health development across international countries, I need to develop criteria on the country of MEXICO

1. How the health and disease levels can be assessed to create a "quality of life scale" for health organizations to utilize.
2. Using a composite measure such as Healthy life year (HeaLY) or Health-Adjusted Life Expectancy (HALE), explaining your rationale of why you think these measures are good or poor for long-range assessments.
3. What can be done to improve this situation.
4. include your developed criteria and quality of life assessment.

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1. How the health and disease levels can be assessed to create a "quality of life scale" for health organizations to utilize.

The original work on the QOLS was undertaken in the United States in the mid-1970's. However the same techniques could be used to create a quality of life scale in Mexico. First a researcher would need to gather a sample of people of various ages, and backgrounds from all parts of Mexico. Efforts should be made to obtain data from rural inhabitants, senior citizens, and low income groups. These participants could then be polled to ask what experiences that were important or satisfying to them in terms of their physical and mental wellbeing. Since the original QOLS contained 15 items representing 5 conceptual domains of QOL that were empirically derived from the 6500 critical incidents that Flanagan and his team collected (Burckhardt, Anderson 2003) a similar model could be used do obtain the data in Mexico. It would be important to gather, from the same group of participants, which ones are suffering from a chronic illness, and ...

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The solution discusses the composite measures for health.

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