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    Capital Sources for Healthcare Treatments

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    Identify capital sources for healthcare treatments (2 web resources); Identify treatment with internal and external resources. Describe a plan to integrate treatment resources; speak about quality and risks for integrating healthcare treatments.

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    Okay here we go.

    Using your two chosen treatment modalities, cardiac catheterization and colonoscopy, they are asking us to identify internal and external resources for each, and to come up with a plan to integrate these resources in our treatments. Quality and risk of this integration are the talking points. I always find it easier to synthesize the question at first like this, so we can get it straight in our minds.

    You might want to reconsider the choice of these two modalities as they are both the same, being that they are both diagnostic and equipment-related, and thus, there will be no opportunity to compare and contrast the two. I believe that this is what they are after here. It is no matter, as I will give you the tools to apply and, if you so ...

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    This article relates to finding capital sources to fund certain modalities of healthcare, namely cardiac catheterization, and physiotherapy. It deals with both internal and external resources, and describes integration of these resources. It also speaks to quality and risks for integration these treatments.