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1.Summarize the article
2.What is the main point of the article?
3.What conclusions are made in the article about DAA?
4.What implications does this doctrine have for health care administrators?

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Solution Summary

An article summary and conclusions are examined. The implications a doctrine has for health care administrators are determined.

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1. The article "The 'Doctrine of Apparent Authority' in Medical Malpractice Cases" reviews the modern usage of the DAA in New Jersey as it applies to medical malpractice suits against hospitals. The article provides several examples, including Arthur v St. Peter's Hospital and Basil v Wolf. Through these cases, the article explains that a hospital can be held liable for the actions of independent contractors if they are given to patients to appear as employees of the hospitals.

2. The main point of the article is that the DAA can and has been used to hold hospitals liable for damages to ...

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