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    Please explain the story to People You'd Trust Life To by Bronwen Wallace

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    Please explain the story to People You'd Trust Life To by Bronwen Wallace.

    I am preparing an oral presentation on this story and I want to make sure that I understand the story correctly (themes, etc). I think that the writer's tone seems negative towards men, but I would like to hear your opinons.

    This is NOT an essay review (I did not write this story). I would like this addressed by someone other than OTA 103450.

    NOTE: Story is included in attached file.

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    I have read the story and I think that there are various themes that you can explore.
    <br>1. Though I understand that one might argue that the author is portraying men negatively, not all the men in the story are portrayed in this way. Certainly, Gail's husband was abusive and this is a negative portrayal, however, the man that Selena is considering having an affair with is not portrayed in the same light. Look at the gifts he has sent to Selena in an attempt to court her (the 2 dozen roses seems very romantic!). Also, the boys (the sons of the 4 women) are not portrayed as bad boys; rather, they are normal children growing up in their respective families.
    <br>2. Another theme that resonates strongly throughout the story is that of Family. The author appears to be looking at traditional families (i.e. a mother, father, and children) versus the non-traditional (i.e. single parent families etc.). Consider the account of Selena's family when her children where involved with sports (this is when she was still Suzi Sims). Until she became "Selena" she had the 'perfect family'. But was she happy? I would have to say she was not, especially with her warm embrace of her new identity as 'Selena Bluestone'. ...