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    Female persona represented in The Odyssey

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    This excerpt discusses the first few lines of The Odyssey and additionally explains their importance and relevance to the strength of the female persona. Athena, Penelope and Odysseus all possess feminine traits, but use them in very different ways.

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    The strength of the female persona is brought to the forefront of literature in the story of The Odyssey. This can be seen via characters Athena, Penelope and Odysseus. Although Odysseus is a man, he possesses feminine qualities, such as the ability to cry and show emotion publicly. Likewise, Athena is the character, or "god" if you will, who has the ability to keep hope alive for both Odysseus and Penelope. She is the glue that holds everything together while this couple's lives are in turmoil.

    In addition to providing great examples of the strength in femininity, The Odyssey displays extreme cases of role reversal, especially in the characters Odysseus and Penelope. By giving the kingship to Penelope when Odysseus is away, strength is given to women, and by giving Odysseus the courage to cry and express strong emotions, strength is given to both men and women. These ...

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    Although this excerpt touches on the feminine traits of Athena and Penelope, it is Odysseus who steals the show and exemplifies the importance of emotion. This excerpt explains why this is so and the impact that it had throughout the story.