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    Job Lost by Melton Culberth

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    For the poem below...

    What is the entertainment value?
    Emotion of character, reader?
    Metaphors and symbols? Gestures w/ multiple meanings?
    The relationship between plot and character?
    The style and point of view that the story is told?
    How is it structured to produce tension and heighten reader interest?
    Lessons learned and/or taught? By who? Are they the same?
    How is the lesson communicated?
    Lessons about human nature?

    Job Lost
    by Melton Culberth
    The first day I was employed,
    Was a great day in my life.
    I can now provide for my kids,
    Along with a loving wife.

    The bills are all paid.
    And there's food on the table.
    We are respected,
    healthy and able.

    Then the cutbacks came, the layoffs began,
    I want to keep my position.
    But, I find myself, beside myself,
    with no more recognition.

    The company I work for
    Is a strong organization.
    But then it Merged,
    And lost human compassion.

    I hear the stories of men that's fired,
    Their jobs downsized by the Company,
    And now wonder what the future holds.
    America has no job security.

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    This is a very emotional poem, given that so many people in this country are feeling this way. I have had family members in this very same position. It's tough.

    I think that one way to look at the poem as this emotional roller coaster. The poem starts out on a high point--great job, comforting position, contentment at home, no worries. Then, by the end, the reader is in this really low point--possible loss of job, the company is no good now, and complete mistrust in the country. It makes the reader angry and filled with angst, because, "Hey this might be me at the rate this country is going..." It's places fear in ...

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