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Analyzing Critical Points Of Developmental identity in poem

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Please help write ideas for an essay on how and why Seamus Heanney's definition of his identity and role as a poet alters over the course of his poem "Digging" (attached). There is a dramatic shift in the way he defines himself and his craft...where and how does this take place and what are the critical points that lead to this conclusion throughout the poem. Please answer in as much detail as possible. Provide provide help defining these points so develop my idea's into an essay.

See the attached file.

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The solution assists with analyzing the critical points of developmental identity in the given poem.

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Here is a great site with notes and suggestions on deciphering this poem:


A lot of Irish writers often write of the struggles of their families and their people. This is a poem about the father and grandfather using strength to dig, something that has value to them. The poet uses his pen to exhibit the same kind of value in his writing which shows his identity and how he fits in with the struggle of his people. It also connects him to a generation of strength and power in their own right (you can ...

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