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    Analysis of Essex Hemphill's "Commitments" poem

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    Choose one:
    Lee, "My Father, in Heaven, Is Reading Aloud"
    Hemphill, "Commitments"
    Spiegelman, "Prisoner From Hell Planet" and images from Maus
    Silko, "Yellow Woman"
    O'Brien, "The Things They Carried"
    Forche, "The Colonel"
    Vonnegut, "Harrison Bergeron"
    Szymborska, "On Death, Without Exaggeration" (1569)
    Petry, "Like a Winding Sheet" (1619-1626)
    1. Choose one of the works of art listed above.
    2. If you chose a poem, read it at least four times. If you chose a story, read it at least twice.
    4. Analyze how the writer effectively uses ONE element to convey one possible theme or main message.
    5. Make sure your thesis statement regarding the element and the theme appears as the last sentence in the first paragraph.
    6. Include specific evidence from the poem or story in each body paragraph.
    7. Do not use any other outside sources; instead, let your voice and your analysis build the engaging voice of each paragraph.
    8. Use MLA in-text citations within your essay and include an MLA Works Cited entry for the story or poem.

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    Before his untimely death from AIDS- related complications, Essex Hemphill (1957-1995) explored through prose, poetry, and film what it meant to live as a black gay man. The following poem comes from his 1992 book ceremonies: Prose and poetry. His other book includes a collection he edited, Brother to Brother: New Writings by Black Gay Men (1991). Hemphill also appeared in the documentaries Looking for Langston and Tongues United.

    I will always be there.
    When the silence is exhumed.
    When the photographs are examined.
    I will be pictured smiling.
    among siblings, parents,
    nieces and nephews.

    In the background of the photographs
    the hazy smoke of barbecue,
    a checkered red-and-white tablecloth
    laden with blackened chicken,
    glistening ribs, paper plates,
    bottles of beer, and pop.

    In the photos
    the smallest children
    are held by their parents.
    My arms are empty, or around
    The shoulders of unsuspecting aunts
    expecting to throw rice at me someday.

    Or picture tinsel, candles,
    ornamented, imitation trees,
    or another table, this one
    Set for Thanksgiving,
    a turkey steaming the lens.

    My arms are empty
    in those photos, too,
    So empty they would break

    around a lover.
    I am always there
    for critical emergencies,
    the middle of the night.

    I am the invisible son
    In the family photos
    nothing ...

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    Analysis of Essex Hemphill's "Commitments" poem with commentary from the OTA regarding one metaphor used consistently throughout the poem to underscore meaning.