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Deploying a Navy Corpsman

Please help me construct ideas for the statement "While it is common that Navy corpsman are deployed to support other branches of the military, there should be support for as many corpsman that are needed per unit to insure the best medical care for our troops."

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There are various focuses to support this statement and a variety of directions you can go with. The initialization of your persuasive essay should draw the reader in by making a bold statement. This is not always the most effective measure (you could use an anecdote or another method) but for this, I think a bold statement would be the best. Since it is dealing with war-like features, it would enhance the remaining rhetoric.
From that entry, extending into some generalities on the locations, size of the units, and current supports that the navy corpsmen currently have would be beneficial. Do not go into any details; save that for the body of the essay.
These features would allow you to reveal the amount of work, danger, and support they offer to the navy. This then ...

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This solution provides ideas to construct a persuasive essay on the support that should be provided to the navy corpsmen.