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Old Navy Advertising Campaign

In choosing mobile media for this campaign, what assumptions were made about the viewing habits of this target? Do you believe these assumptions are valid? What would you recommend regarding this choice?

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***hopefully this gives some good thoughts on the subject of recent advertising campaigns for Old Navy in relation to their strategic growth... all questions given guidance and attention***

Old Navy is in an interesting position from a strategic standpoint in that it is a subsidiary of GAP; however both stores although operating in tandem, offer different advertising campaigns to generate awareness of their brands in the low to middle-end clothing markets. Old Navy has traditionally relied heavily on television advertising to maintain brand awareness, and more recently during the holiday seasons, has employed 1980's classics to draw the attention of the 25-35 year old segment as an emotional lure (Zmuda, N., 2012).

Conveniently, this market is also the generation that is most prevalent in the purchase of new smart ...

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