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Writing with flat characters and rounded characters

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I wrote "Writing with flat characters and rounded characters is like the difference between two dimensions and three dimensions. The flat character is often just a character with no real personality traits except maybe one or two. We have no real way of getting to know these characters because the author gives us nothing to build on. During the story, we do not really get to know these people as well as we would get to know a rounded character."

Can we generalize from this statement?

To be specific, does this mean that it would be easier to plot a story using flat characters than round?

And which sort of character would function best if the author wanted to teach a lesson?

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This job compares writing with flat characters and rounded characters.

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It might be easier to write a story with totally flat characters; however, the story would be dull and lack readership. Therefore, if an author wants to write a story to give a ...

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