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    Leslie Silko's "The Man to Send Rain Clouds"

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    1. Explaining how the entertainment elements of the story relate to the lesson or lessons it teaches the reader. (Be specific about the lesson or lessons taught)

    Consider all the following entertainment aspects that apply to the story or stories analyzed:
    o the point of view from which the story is told
    o how characters and plot interact differently in stories according to the point of view (relationship between plot and character)
    o how authors treat "flat" characters differently from "rounded" characters
    o how both plot and characters interact with the setting
    o how the characters are changed by their own actions, versus how they are changed by external events
    o the style in which the story is written
    o how the story is structured to create tension and heighten reader interest
    o the presence of other entertainment-related aspects, such as satire or humor
    o how the lesson is communicated and whether or not the lessons learned by the characters are the same as that learned by the story's readers

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    Text Used: Leslie Silko's "The Man to Send Rain Clouds"

    Entertainment is a key aspect of any story being told. If a story is not meant to derive any entertainment value and is not educational, the theme is quite irrelevant; the story will not be read. It is the proverbial "tree falling in woods" question. In Leslie Silko's "The Man to Send Rain Clouds," the entertaining aspects are not explicit (i.e., hilarious jokes or action scenes), but cleverly-described situations are entertaining in a way that helps the reader understand the lessons taught in the text. Two of the lessons in "The Main to Send Rain Clouds" could be: 1) taking care of elders is the right thing to do, and 2) following traditional rites are important in each society, regardless of the society's rites.

    The rather "dry," matter-of-fact 3rd-person point of view way that the author describes Ken and Leon's reaction to Teofilo's death and subsequent burial ceremony is entertaining. This is not the type of entertainment that will leave a reader hanging off the edge of his or her seat, but is amusing to those who enjoy verbal irony and jokes. For example, at the end of section one, Father Paul chastizes Ken and Leon for leaving Teofilo to herd the sheep by himself. Ken and Leon and the reader are the only people who know that Teofilo has died. Immediately after Father Paul's admonishment, ...

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