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    The Hydrolic Cycle

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    Please summarize the hydrologic cycle and explaining how important this cycle is to the Earth?

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    1. Please summarize the hydrologic cycle and explaining how important this cycle is to the Earth?

    The hydrologic cycle (aka the water cycle) is the continuous exchange of water between Earth's surface and the atmosphere. and can be summarized in five (or six, when evaporation and transportation are considered two steps as in the extra information at the end of this response) basic steps within the water cycle: condensation, precipitation, infiltration, runoff, and evapo-transpiration.

    Summarizing the water cycle by steps includes:

    *Condensation. Gaseous water vapor in the atmosphere condenses to form clouds, which can produce precipitation.

    *Precipitation. Rain, snow, and sleet return water from the atmosphere to Earth's surface.

    *Infiltration. On the ground, the water cycle continues with infiltration, the process in which surface water seeps into the soil where it can become groundwater. The amount of water that infiltrates into the ground depends on many factors, such as soil type and rock type. Topography also influences infiltration ?a steeper slope forces the water to run off more quickly, preventing much infiltration. In addition, if the soil is already saturated with water, it cannot absorb much more, which leads to an increase in runoff. Land cover, such as vegetation or man-made surfaces, also affects ...

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    This solution summarizes the hydrologic cycle and explains in some detail how important this cycle is to the Earth.