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Why did willaim golding write lord of the flies?

A part of my book review is to explain willliam goldings purpose in writing Lord Of The Flies. I have he rest of the essay figured out, but this peice is puzzling me. i have found that he was foreshadowing a war to come, but that is all i could find. do you have any reasons of why he wrote this?

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According to this Lord of the Flies fiftieth anniversary tribute site <http://www.william-golding.co.uk/50thanniv.html>, the book was a response to Golding's experiences during World War II. He was an officer serving aboard a cruiser in the North Atlantic in the Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve. He was also involved in weapons research. Landing in the Netherlands just after the shelling of a Dutch village, he was able to see firsthand what the weapons of war (the like of which he had helped developed) could do to both soldiers and civilians alike:
"In private conversation with his family, Golding spoke of other consequences of that action. He recalled visiting his commanding officer in hospital very shortly after the Walcheren Operation, and finding in that same institution many terribly wounded civilians, the inhabitants of the area around the small village of Westkapelle, which he and his comrades had shelled. He said he had been told that Westkapelle had been evacuated, but after his visit to the hospital realised that this ...