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Are some names more powerful than others?

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Q2: Judaism puts a strong emphasis on the power of naming, both by giving Adam the power to name the elements of creation and by restricting the power of humans to name God. Do you think words, and specifically names, have power? How does knowing your name, or gaining other information about you (like your social security number and date of birth), give others power over you? Why do you think Jews might want to limit the power of humans to name God?

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Adam was given the authority to name the creatures by God. This not only is evidence of Adam's special relationship with God but also of his position of authority over the natural world. Being created in the image of God (Genesis 1:26-27) Adam and Eve reflect the attributes of God though on an infinitely smaller scale. They have emotions, can think abstractly, have a free will which they can use to exercise moral choice, either obey or disobey God, they have a spirit which will not die, and they exercise creativity. This desire to create, discover and name mirrors God's attributes as creator and name giver during the first 6 days of creation.

Names and specific words do not have power in and of themselves. The person or concept behind a word may give it power. For example if a messenger delivers a message, the wording of the message may not be interesting but if he bears the message on behalf of the ...

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This solution begins with a theological question. According to Judaism, God gave Adam the power to name the animals but did not give him power to name God. Is this significant? In a more general sense, do some names have more power than other names? Does a certain name give an individual more chances to succeed in life than other names? Over 600 words of original text.

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