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Using APA format

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What are the advantages of using APA formatting for academic papers? What aspects of APA formatting do you find most troublesome?

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There are many advantages of using APA format:

It is easier compared to other ways to cite information.
APA format makes research easier because it focuses more on content, not format.
When typing, APA is easier than other formats because it does not require footnotes
Most social work journals use APA format so if you have any questions on how to format the paper, that is a good reference to use.

the APA manual is excellent and if answers all your questions.

The year of the cited material is evident in the text so you know if something is current.

I finding creating the works cites paged the most troublesome - it is different for every source you use and you need to gather all information, from volume, to ...

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This posting discusses the advantages and disadvantages of using APA format.