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The Winter's Tale and Othello

This posting examines similarities and differences with Othello and Leontes with regard to the imagined infidelities that they believe exist with their wives.

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Both characters are guided by emotions rather than reason. For example, please note that Leontes ' imagined infidelities derive from bits of distorted reality after he learns that Hermione has persuaded Polixenes to stay a bit longer. Leontes also views their friendly conversation as evidence of this alleged adulterous romance. He assumes that they are "paddling palms and pinching fingers, / . . . and making practiced smiles / As in a looking glass."

He later suspects that his son, Mamillius, is the product of this alleged affair between Hermione and Polixenes. As a result, the consequences of this imagined ...

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Two Shakespearean works are discussed in terms of infidelity.