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    Short story comparison ideas

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    I am having a hard time putting together an essay that makes sense when trying to compare stories, I have an especially hard time getting my papers to make sense, and especially need help with the outline and getting my thoughts to make sense on paper.
    Paper Assignment

    Select any two stories from the list below and compare/contrast them in terms of the elements of fiction
    "The Story of an Hour" "A Sorrowful Woman" "Love in the Air" "A Rose for Emily" "Killings" "Bartleby, the Scrivener" "Mines" "Soldier's Home" "IND AFF" "Christmas 1910" "We Came All the Way from Cuba So You Could Dress Like This?" "The Lady with the Pet Dog" (either version - but not both) "The Cask of Amontillado" "A & P"

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    At first blush, Ernest Hemingway and Fay Weldon would not seem to have any commonalties, except perhaps living in a certain historical era. However, upon critical examination of "A Soldier's Home" (ASH) and "Ind Aff or Out of Love in Sarajevo" (IND) we actually find a number of striking similarities and philosophical viewpoints that lead the reader towards an interesting, humanistic view, of the challenges of conflict and what that conflict may do to the individual.

    Hemingway (1899-1961) was an American writer and journalist, a veteran of World War I, part of the Parisian expatriate community during the 1920s, and a Pulitzer and Nobel Prize winner. His style is very unique and easily identifiable - economy, understatement, and wry irony and symbolism. Typically, his works center on strong, stoic men who exhibit, externally at least, a certain savoir-, or "grace under pressure" (Wagner-Martin, 2000).

    Fay Weldon (b. 1931) is a feminist English author, essayist, and playwright. She has an academic background, having studied psychology and economics and has also written for a broad-spectrum radio and television audience. Her work usually surrounds contemporary women who, through a series of external events, find themselves in an oppressive, often patriarchal, situation usually caused by the structure of British society (Wagner-Martin, 2000).

    IND is essentially a moral play with both contemporary and historical symbolism. It is the story of a young woman who travels to Sarejevo with her lover, Peter. Ostensibly, they are there on holiday and to decide what will happen to their relationship. Throughout the story, ponderings of the actual morality of the affair abound - eventually, she finds that the potential consequences of these actions are too high to justify the pleasures of the moment. IND, being set in Sarajevo uses two distinct symbols of that city to paint the tone of the moment - dreary and rainy, and the historical regret as the setting for the spark that caused World War I.

    The symbolism for this exceptional tragedy is central to IND - and acts as a basic outline for the moral conundrum. In Sarajevo, the narrator retraces the steps taken by the Bosnian terrorist Gavrillo Princip before he assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand in ...

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