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    Paul's Case" by Cather, Willa Siber

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    Paul's Case" by Cather, Willa Sibert

    Please answer one those questions below regarding the story of "Paul Case".

    Q-1. What are Paul's views of himself throughout the story? Also, why doesn't Paul seek to become involved in the artistic life as an artist, actor, musician, or similar?

    Q-2 . Why does Paul kill himself at the end of the story? Also, why does he bury his flower in the snow right before his death?

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    Throughout the story, Paul struggles to understand why he isn't a privileged, rich member of society. He consistently thinks that he deserves more than what he has, but ironically he refuses to work in a way that might grant him a better and wealthier life. There are two categories of trauma that Paul ...

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    The expert examines Paul's case by Cather, Willa Sibert.