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    Galatians 3 Outline, compared to Romans 4

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    What outline of Galatians 3:6-20, relative to flow of thought, would identify Paul's principal claims and support of them?

    How does Paul's argument compare to the argument in Rom 4?

    How would someone successfully refute Paul's argument regarding circumcision in the Galatians community?

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    1. Outline of Galatians 3: 6-20 where Paul compares being justified by faith to being justified by law
    a. Abraham used as an example of those whose were justified by faith (6-9)
    b. Those who are under the law are under a curse (10-12)
    c. Christ removed His people from the curse of the law (13-14)
    d. ...

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    This solution provides an outline of Galatians 3 and offers a comparison to Romans 4 regarding the law and justification by faith.